Mar 16, 2019

AIG High School Diplomats

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Multiple Summer Program


High School Diplomats (HSD) is a scholarship program that brings together high school students from the United States and Japan each summer through two parallel experiences.

HSD U.S. provides the opportunity for American and Japanese students to meet at Princeton University for ten days of cultural exchange.

HSD Japan is an extension of the American HSD U.S. experience. The program gives 20 former HSD U.S. participants the opportunity to travel to Japan and gain a better understanding of Japanese culture firsthand through a tour of the country, homestay with a Japanese family, and cultural exchange with Japanese high school students.

In response to the spread of new coronavirus infections, we have decided to cancel the AIG High School Student Diplomat Program to Japan and Japan Program scheduled for July 2020.

This is the result of giving top priority to the health and safety of the participants and related parties of both Japan and the United States. We appreciate your understanding. They will announce the program for FY2021 around December 2020, keeping an eye on the future situation.

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range

Grade 11-12


40 students (20 boys and 20 girls) are chosen for US HSD program. 20 students (10 boys and 10 girls) are chosen for Japan HSD program.

Participation Cost

All expenses including food, airplane tickets, insurance, accommodation, materials) are paid by the sponsors.

Time Commitment

4 months of preparation and two-day training camp before the program starts.


US program starts in the middle of July and ends in August (for three weeks), Japan program is from July 25th to August 6th. 

US program: three weeks, Japan program: about ten days

Application Deadline

TBA for 2021

Application Process Includes

Essay, interview, group work, and English test


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