Feb 23, 2019

Amateur Photographer of the Year (APOY)

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The Amateur Photographer of the Year competition (APOY) is the United Kingdom's oldest and most prestigious photo competition for amateur photographers, to test individual's creative and technical skills.

With over $12,000 USD worth of prizes on offer, their easily accessible portal makes entering this competition straightforward. Open to amateur photographers from all corners of the globe, the overall winner can receive the sought after title 'Amateur Photographer of the Year 2019', as well as Sigma equipment worth over $2000 NZD.

After the closing date of each round all of the entries will be narrowed down to a shortlist, from which the AP team will decide an overall winner of that round. There will be one winner as voted for by the AP team and one as voted for by members of Photocrowd. All of the winners will appear on Photocrowd, and the top 30 scoring pictures of each round, as voted for by the AP team, will appear in the magazine. AP will also print the Crowd Vote winner. The title Amateur Photographer of the year will be awarded to the photographer who receives the highest number of points from the AP team.

The winner of each round (as voted for by the AP team) will win a Sigma kit worth approximately $1200 USD, while the crowd vote winner of each round will win a subscription to the magazine, plus a Photocrowd subscription. It is important for participants to enter as many rounds as possible, as the top-scoring image from each round will be counted towards a final score.

There are no restrictions on equipment, so those who enter may use a phone, plastic camera, compact, or professional DSLR for their submissions.

NB: While the competition is open to all amateur photographers, participants who live outside the UK who win any of the prizes will be liable for any local import taxes.

For more information visit the website here

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range




No prior knowledge or skill is required.
Competition is open to all (amateurs/professionals/all ages).

Participation Cost


The cost is based on the number of images you want to enter. The following entry bundles are available, and entries can be used across any of the main categories:

1 image = $10 USD

3 images - $27 USD

6 images - $46 USD

24 images - $92 USD

A discount on the price of entry bundles of 5%, 10% or 20% is available for Photocrowd Challenger, Pro or Master subscribers, respectively.

Multiple bundles can be purchased (e.g. 3 x 1 image bundles = 3 total entries) but the maximum number of entries that can be made across all 8 categories is 32 (3 purchased images + 1 free entry via code per category).

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


Little technical skill is required to actually enter - the event is open to all photographers, whether they are amateur or professional. However, an excellent understanding of photography, the visual arts and having a strong eye for detail is required to win.

Time Commitment


NB: The time commitment will vary from participant to participant - anywhere from a single photo to multiple photos across different categories can be submitted. The amount of time dedicated will be at the participants discretion.

Application Deadline

2019 Dates TBA

Application Process Includes

All entries must be submitted via the Photocrowd online platform (no entries will be accepted by email or post). Full guidelines on permissible image sizes and types, and what image manipulation and retouching is allowed are provided on the Preparing Your Images page on the APOY website.


2018 dates for guidance:  

The opening date of Round 1 in the APOY 2018 Awards was on Friday 9th March 2018.

The closing date for entries in Round 8 of the APOY 2018 Awards was midnight (UTC) on Friday 26th October 2018.

The overall winners of the awards were announced in the Dec 22-29 2018 issue of Amateur Photographer magazine, followed by an announcement on Photocrowd.