Mar 14, 2019

TENKAWA Thai High School Photo Contest 2019

  • Crimson Education
  • Online, Hokkido


Take a series of 6 photos to be combined into a Photostory of "Your Community". The idea is to inspire us to learn more about your community through your photo story.

"Community" can be interpreted in various meanings including but not limited to nature/daily life/architecture/environment/culture/local/wisdom/society/food/arts and crafts/city. 

See examples from the past contest here:

The first place winner is selected to participate in The 5th International High School Students’ Photo Festival Exchange in Japan During 1-8 Aug 2019.

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range

No age limit but participants have to be in high school

Application Deadline

30 Apr 2019

Application Process Includes

  1. Form a team of 4 students + 1 school teacher as an advisor then register online
  2. Research about your community and plan the photostory
  3. Upload your photos here:
    1. Photostory (consists of 6 photos)
    2. 5-10 behind the scene photos with description (process, obstacles, what impressed you, what you've learned)
  4. For team advisor, fill in the follow-up form here: after the students upload their photos.