Mar 07, 2019

Projeto Conexões

  • Crimson Education
  • São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil
Performing Arts Club or Organization Skill Building


Conexões, an initiative of the British Council, Cultura Inglesa, Colégio São Luís, Escola Superior de Artes Célia Helena and National Theater of London, is a project that encourages youth theater as a tool for human and cultural formation, fostering teamwork and the creation of spaces for reflection and expression of the issues faced by today's youth. It's main goal is to establish a connection between theater professionals and educators, amateur theater groups and primary and secondary schools with the purpose of increasing the interest of young people for this tool of expression and dialogue. 

Conexões is part of a broad and consecrated program of the National Theater of London, the Connections, which in more than 20 years of activity and with the execution of more than 140 pieces, has remained faithful to its founding goal: to stimulate new authors, to promote discussions and meetings among students, actors and directors on the role of staging, stimulating dialogue and the interest of young people on contemporary issues. 

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range

Elementary and High School Students



Out of all the registrants, only one theater group is chosen per category (public schools, private schools and independent theater group). Awards include: the possibility of choosing, through guidance from the organizing committee, an unpublished piece to become part of Projeto Conexões' portfolio to be acted out by young people aged 12 to 19; Visits by professional theater collaborators of the Célia Helena Arts School during the rehearsals to follow the work during the year; Participation of the whole school group in one immersion workshop with the presence of the author of the unpublished text and/or theater professionals; Participation in training activities, such as lectures and workshops, throughout the year; Presentation of the shows, including a presentation of a piece by the winning theatre group at the Teatro de Cultura Inglesa-Pinheiros. 

Participation Cost


There's no registration fee, but theatre groups will be responsible for any costs related to assembling the set and costumes or for leasing and / or maintenance of practice space.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


Students need to be members of an independent theater group or one from a public or private school.

Time Commitment

3 / 5

From April to October, participating in regular rehearsals and events. 

Application Deadline

Early March of each year.

Application Process Includes

Students apply through the Conexões website, submitting information about their theater group, alongside a letter from the group director, stating the full names and ages of all members of the group, attesting to the existence of the group and its history of activities and justifying interest in participating in Conexões. Selected groups are announced in March of each year.