Feb 28, 2019

Korean Astronomy Olympiad (KAO / IAO)

  • Crimson Education
  • Seoul University, Korea
Multiple Competition


The Korean Astronomy and Astronautics Olympiad tests students abilities in these fields, according to grade level. It's main goal is to encourage students to use and develop their knowledge in the study of astronomy and astronautics, identify young talents, encourage teachers to improve their classes, integrate students from different schools. Top medalists can go on to compete in regional and international competitions, representing Korea.

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range

(1) Middle school division: Middle school students (2nd, 3rd grade) (2) High school division: High school students (1st, 2nd grade, senior excluded), divided into two divisions within



The applicants are first evaluated online (Feb - April, 2018). The ones who have been selected (300 spots) are educated from (April - July). The selected students are invited for interview to pick 80 students who will be attending the second education session and winter school. The final representative process is evaluated by combining all grades. The ones who qualify are trained from April, 2019 - Oct, 2019.

Participation Cost


There is no application fee (there is no announcement related to fee)

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


Need great amount of knowledge in astronomy to be selected as a candidate and participate in international round. It is not unusual for university level astronomy to be part of the test. Can participate in regular education as that does not have any selection process. Anyone who registered can participate.

Time Commitment


The whole process is a year (a year and a half if participate in international rounds)

Application Process Includes

1. online registration

2. filling out required forms online

3. sending certain forms by printing them out and mailing