Feb 28, 2019

Korean Physics Olympiad (kPhO / IPhO)

  • Crimson Education
  • Seoul National University, Korea
Multiple Competition


The Korean Physics Olympiad aims to awaken and encourage students' interest in physics, provide students with challenges, bridge the gap between high school and graduate school, identify young talents and prepare students for international olympiads and encourage them to maybe pursue a career in the sciences or technology.

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range

(1) Regular Education: 14 - 18 (middle, high school student) (2) Winter school: need to qualify in a offline test and not be a senior in high school.



2018 year: apply for regular education (Feb-Mar), General Physics 1 education online (Mar - May), General Physics 2 education online (July - Nov), Selection for Winter school (90 spots, assess education grades, recommendation) (Dec)

2019 year: Winter school (Jan), Final selection for national representative through test and interview (Jan), Selected representatives training (IPh 2019, 5 spots) (Feb- July), IPhO 2019 (July)

Participation Cost


Application fee:
Regular education(General Physics 1): 35,000 WON
General Physics 2: 25,000 WON

Anyone who applied for regular education can receive it without any selection process.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


Need great amount of knowledge in physics to be selected as a candidate and participate in international round. It is not unusual for university level mathematics to be part of the test. Can participate in regular education as that does not have any selection process. Anyone who registered can participate.

Time Commitment


The whole process is a year (a year and a half if participate in international rounds)

Application Process Includes

1. online registration

2. fee payment