Feb 27, 2019

Presidential Scholar

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  • Students can submit their forms in regional education departments. Award ceremony location has not yet been announced.


Presidential Scholar is a program that aims to find young talented people (ages 15 ~ 29) and help them to grow and become a major player in the nation. From 2001 to 2007, the award was given to 796 people and from 2008, 100 people were awarded each year.

Winners are judged by the recommendation of the teachers and the school principals, and then they are subjected to the central examination once more to select the general high school students and college students who have contributed to society. The winners will receive the prize from the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education. The selected nominees also receive small amount of scholarship.

For more information please visit the official website here.

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range

Korean nationality (double nationality not allowed) 15 - 29 (in western age)



50 high school students and 50 university students/adults were awarded.

Awarded participants are given scholarship of high school 2,000,000 WON, university students/adult 2,500,000 WON.

This is given by the Korean Government.

Participation Cost


There is no application fee.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


A student needs to fill in a formatted form about his/her achievement, accomplishments, prize, grade, and other personal information. Recommendation letters are also necessary.

Time Commitment


One day of interview + One day of award ceremony

Students only need to submit online form regarding their achievements and contribution to society and attend an interview.

Application Process Includes

1. Online submission

2. Submit recommendations from school principal/teachers

3. Selected applicants are invited for an interview