Feb 27, 2019

Korea Model United Nations

  • Crimson Education
  • Korea University Anam Campus, Korea


Since its opening in 2008, Korea Model United Nations has consistently presented highly organized conferences with quality debate, realizing its motto, "Tradition of Excellence." Rigorously trained Student Officers, academically stimulating committees and agendas, and extensive delegate welfare are all characteristics of the ten previous conferences hosted by KIOSS. The KMUN 2020 Secretariat is committed to continuing the tradition this winter in the 12th KMUN Conference. To make KMUN 2020 a memorable experience for all participants, we will engage in the preparation process with dedication and professionalism.

The United Nations is the most vital international organization in the international arena. The UN encompasses most states of the international society; currently, 192 countries are officially registered. The UN, which replaced The League of Nations, was established after the end of World War II to prevent recurrence of such mishap. Since its founding, the UN has played a significant role as the peacekeeper and mediator in the international society. Moreover, the UN has provided a forum of negotiation and cooperation to the world. The organization comprises the General Assembly, the United Nations Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, the International Court of Justice and other special organs. The agendas that the UN deals with are diverse, ranging from international security and regional conflicts to climate change. Despite often addressing intricate and complex problems, the UN and its conferences have yielded solutions that were meaningful and at times practical.

In this year's 13th Korea Model United Nations, students interested in global issues and politics will gather and gain experience in public speech, negotiation, resolution writing, and lobbying. Students will use their rhetoric and creativity to debate and complete resolutions that contribute to their agendas and, at a larger scope, to world peace.

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range

Middle, high school, university students



Participants who have shown outstanding performance in KMUN 2019 will be awarded as follows.

Best Delegate Award
Awarded to one delegation per each committee.

Best Photographer/Designer Award
Awarded to one journalist from the KMUN Press Corps.

Honorable Mention
Awarded to a maximum of two delegations per each committee.

Best Position Paper Award

Awarded to one delegate per each committee

Best Student Officer Award

Awarded to one Student Officer.

Certificate of Participation
Certificate of participation will be awarded to participants who have attended at least 7/9 of the committee session.

Participation Cost


Application cost varies by early, regular, late registration.
Middle and high school division: 200,000 - 240,000 WON
University Division: 180,000 - 220,000 WON

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


In Korea Model United Nations, participants will take on roles as representatives of each member nation in the UN or other international organizations, and discuss relevant global or regional issues with other participants through speeches, debates and negotiations. For participants to be successful in the conference, they will need to do some prior research. With in-depth knowledge on the agenda and their national positions, delegates must be able to conduct full-fledged discussions and formulate resolutions.

Each committee will be distinct from others and will therefore discuss different agenda topics. However, all committees are equal in that the ultimate goal is to come to a consensus on a controversial topic. At the same time, participants representing each country will have to make sure that their national interests and policies are reflected in the agreements. Through this academic activity, participants can learn and develop important skills that will help them become future global leaders.

Time Commitment


Four day program

Student does need to prepare for the materials related to each assigned country.

Application Process Includes

1. online registration

2. fee payment