Feb 27, 2019


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The purpose of this competition is to improve students' ability to write and communicate in Japanese writing and oral communication through the preparation of dramatic lines and experience in practice, while promoting inter-school communication and encouraging excellent Japanese talents.

1. Name of the event: The 10th National Senior High School Vocational Japanese "Looking at Pictures and Telling Stories" (Paper Zhiju) Competition

Second, the purpose of the activity:
1. Encourage students who learn Japanese to participate in competitions to improve their oral expression skills.
2. Through the conception and production experience of writing drama lines, let students give full play to the creativity of Japanese article writing.
3. Through group coordination and role division, learn the ability to communicate and coordinate with peers.
4. Let participating students experience the unique cultural characteristics of Taiwan and Japan, and increase their motivation to learn Japanese.
5. Through competitions, schools can observe and learn from each other, promote inter-school communication, and also achieve the purpose of encouraging excellent Japanese talents.
6. The theme of the story is taken from the three prefectures of the Keihan God District (Kyoto Prefecture, Osaka Prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture).

Third, the organizers: Southern Taiwan Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology Foundation School of Applied Japanese Department
IV tournament Date: March 29, 2019 (five)
Venue: Southern Taiwan University of Library and Information Science and Technology Building, 13th Floor, International Conference Hall

V. Qualifications:
1. High school vocational students in China.
2. Foreign degree students with the nationality of the Republic of China or the mother tongue of which is not Japanese (please attach a copy of the student ID when registering).
3. Those who have not lived in Japan for more than one year or have not studied in a Japanese school for more than one year after the school age.
4. Select the recommender through each school (each school can recommend two teams, no cross-school or cross-team registration).
5. In the past, I have not obtained the top three contestants in the "Looking at Pictures and Telling Stories" competition organized by this unit.


For more information, please refer to official website here

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range

Junior high school and high school level