Feb 26, 2019


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With the evolution of information and communication technology and the development of electronic technology applications, the intelligentization of buildings has gradually solved the limitations of the scale of system integration and the deployment of sensing control networks. By importing Internet of Things equipment, wireless sensing control network deployment, and convenient data transmission and storage methods, the building can collect a large amount of monitoring and operation data. In addition, the high-speed computing power and decentralized computing architecture give the intelligent system the ability to process a large amount of sensing and operational data, realize the purpose of providing high-quality building experience for the intelligent building, optimizing the operation of the system and saving energy. The operation artificial intelligence and expectation of all types of smart buildings of the next generation can derive new application services and lay the foundation stone.

  This year's creative competition is based on the design of intelligent residential space design. It is divided into two groups: "Creative Rhapsody" and "Nest to the Future".
First, "Creative Rhapsody" Group:
  According to the theme of the competition, try to think about the building or community (campus, campus, In urban and rural areas, to continuously design or introduce forward-looking technologies (such as big data analysis, Internet of Things applications, building information modeling (BIM) and artificial intelligence, etc.) / Intelligent systems / products, solutions or operational service models, It can meet the needs of management and application of the whole life cycle of the space in terms of safety and security, health care, energy conservation and sustainability, convenience and comfort.
2. "Nest to the Future" group:
  In the case of existing (or completely demolishing old buildings and rebuilding) construction space engineering examples (referring to the case where the use license has been obtained and there is no illegal construction), introduce forward-looking technology (such as Communication, sensing, control, big data, etc.), services or sustainable design, to solve the problems or dilemmas faced in life, to meet the needs of people in terms of safety and security, health care, energy conservation and sustainability, convenience and comfort. Improve the quality of living space and appearance after the project.


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