Feb 26, 2019

World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC)

  • Crimson Education
  • Korea
Multiple Competition


It is an annual English-language debating tournament for high school-level teams. This is a preliminary round to select national representative for global round. The Korea Forensics League is a cooperative, nonprofit organization created to provide competitive speech and debate events for secondary school students in Korea. KFL was formed in early 2006 to meet the following goals:

- To make forensics events accessible to all competitors in Korea,
- To promote fair competition between schools,
- To codify tournament rules and procedures,
- To help select students to represent Korea at international forensics events,
- To encourage student initiatives, and
- To foster cooperation with the global forensics community.

For more information please visit the offical website here 

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range

High school student but the applicant must not have reached his or her 19th(western standard) birthday by the start of the WSDC he or she hopes to attend.



Each school is able to nominate up to 6 debaters. Among them, the top 24 debaters (or more, in case of a tie for 24th place) will be invited to participate in one or more videotaped debates on a designated day. Liaisons will view and rank the applicants in the videotaped debates to select a 12­member Training Pool and six ranked alternates. At usually 5 students, maximum 6 students, are selected as national representatives.

Participation Cost


No application fee, however individual is responsible for travel and international round cost

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


Students are required to have debate skills, able to prepare for impromptu 3:3 debate matches on diverse topics. They go through multiple, competitive stages to be selected as a national representative debaters.

Time Commitment


Members of the Pool shall be responsible for attending all announced training days and events, and for fulfilling all assignments and responsibilities. More than 2 months of training before the international rounds

Application Process Includes

1. Member WSDC Team Training Pool is selected by an application(filling out a form)

2. 2nd selection process include video debate.

3. A 5­ member WSDC Team is selected from among the 12 members of the Training Pool. This 5 ­member team attends the next WSDC.