Feb 19, 2019

NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest (Global)

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  • Worldwide
Multiple Competition Skill Building


The NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest is a competition for teams of students from around the world to develop a hypothetical space settlement that is put into orbit. This Contest not only sparks innovation and creativity in young people but also seeks to highlight that the possibility of living on a settlement rather than a planet is feasible.

The Contest in 2017 saw 1,500 submissions from 6,674 students across 21 countries, with the Grand Prize being won by a team of two students from New Delhi, India.

For more information visit the official website here

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range




International competition with quality entries.

Participation Cost


$10 Entry Fee

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


Skills in creativity and innovation are required.

Time Commitment


Space settlement development; design and problem-solving.

Application Deadline

Submissions are closed for 2020. Dates for 2021 are TBA

Application Process Includes

Register and submit at https://spacesettlement.awardsplatform.com/


Youtube Video