Maira Elahi

Hello, I'm the Head Executive at Physica!

Physica serves as a one-stop platform for you and your passion for physics. Here, complicated ideas are presented in a clear, yet concise manner that engages the imagination and reasoning abilities. With our monthly sessions, you can be sure to enjoy a thrilling ride while being welcomed by a rich and active community. 

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Are you're interested in STEM, well versed with Discord, looking to volunteer and wanting to be part of an amazing and diverse organization? If yes, this opportunity is just for you. Physica is a growing community of STEM enthusiasts that is focused on spreading an appreciation for sciences. We've got a rich presence on Discord and are currently looking for interested volunteers to help us Moderate it.  Check out the website and poster for more details! Get in touch with us via our mail ID:   

Maira Elahi Remote
Are you interested in physics/stem research? If so, this could before you! Physica is looking for volunteers content writers to write about physics. Our aim is to give access to complicated physics to everyone from middle school, giving them a better understanding of the world around them. Interested? Apply at the link in our bio/in the poster! Applications close on the 23rd November. Please feel free to DM us with any questions!