Hey there! 

I'm a high school senior who is passionate about astrophysics. In my free time, I enjoy reading, singing and hiking 

Shreeji Kumawat Remote (Worldwide)
Physica is a website solely dedicated to physics and all it's wonders . We aim to develop it into a sort of club for enthusiastics and a wholesome discussion community where all types of discussions can take place. Along with this, we offer meet-ups for those who are interested twice a month. Currently, the website is still in construction . (you can sneak a preview here at https://physicasite.wixsite.com/physica ). As it's founder, I would like to invite all who are interested in being a part of the organizing head team to reach out to me. The available positions are Director, Executive, Outreach, Social Media manager, Design Head, Tech Head and Chief Content Editor. There are no constructive age requirement, nor any location based ones. All that is needed is that you be passionate about STEM! If you are interested in being a part of this growing organization, please book a 15 mins interview with me over zoom here --->...