Biogenesis is an International Biomedicine Olympiad, with 100% free registration. 

The competition is an excellent opportunity for you to challenge your knowledge and compete for international awards! 

High school students are eligible to participate in the regular category, while the general public should join the open category. Participants should register through the form available in Biogenesis' Instagram biography (@biogenesisolympiad). The olympiad will have two phases and will be available in three languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish. The rules and regulations can also be accessed through the link in the profile bio (@biogenesisolympiad). 

In Biogenesis, you are 3x more likely to receive awards! Simply choose to participate in all three available areas: 
1- Anatomy & Physiology 
2- Cellular & Molecular Biology 
3- Pharmacology & Toxicology 

Each area has its own awards. 

What is Biogenesis? Biogenesis is an International Biomedicine Olympiad that will have its second edition in 2023. It is online and 100% free. An excellent opportunity to challenge yourself globally and test your knowledge in different areas of biomedicine. Last year, we received thousands of entries from 67 countries. Who can participate? Anyone! 9th to 12th grade students must participate in the Standard Category and anyone else can join the Open Category. How it works? In Biogenesis, you can compete in up to 3 different exams: 1- Anatomy and Physiology 2- Cellular and Molecular Biology 3- Pharmacology and Toxicology Each of the exams will have 2 phases and 15 multiple choice questions per phase. The participants with the best scores in the second phase will be awarded certificates of honorable mention, bronze, silver or gold. It is possible to earn more than one certificate if the participant obtains sufficient scores in more than one exam (eg.: gold in Anatomy and...

Biogenesis is an International Biomedicine Olympiad for high school students. Registration is 100% free! Last year, Biogenesis received thousands of registrations from participants from 67 countries. Now it's your chance to compete with students from all over the world! While high school students are the target audience (they compete in the Standard Category), anyone can participate in Biogenesis through the Open Category. Register through this link and share this post with your friends who are interested in science and competitions!