Beyond Inequality is an organization aiming to raise awareness of current societal inequalities and social issues among global youth through the hosting of public competitions and forums. We host an annual Writing, Art, and Speech competition that invites students to consider various themes of inequality, as well as an annual forum that features NGO founders and inspiring activists as a way to encourage youth to consider their roles in the community, the implications of social issues, and how they can make a difference in their own, unique ways.

Beyond Inequality Remote
Our 2022 Beyond Inequality Writing, Art, and Speech Competition offers participants to discuss the theme of Gender Inequality and Feminism . Students can choose one of three categories (writing, speech, or art) to participate in, and can submit prose, art, or a video speech that answers one of three prompts provided. They also have the opportunity to become the overall grand prize winner , top 3 of each of the categories, and an additional 3 honorable mentions . The deadline for submissions is on October 20th, 2022 and submissions occur here . More information can be found on our page .