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Don't be rigid for anything, it means be open for change. I went to a boarding school and there people came from all around the world, and I couldn't have the same circle of thoughts as I had with the last person, I had to change my ideas, my way of communicating and thinking with them. Yet "always keep changing" occurred to me harshly when I was out of boarding school, as I learnt that I should have some principles which should not change, even though I believed that one should be open for change, this was really tough for me to accept, but later I understood that I must have somethings to hold on to which differ me from others, that somethings should never change, that my ideas can change but, my principles should not. But at the same time, I knew, in future if needed I'd CHANGE.

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Basically we are an organization where we post an accomplishments done by the students of our age, now it can be that one student was awarded an internship, or won a completion or it can that a student overcame some fear or some mental issues, the organization's goal is to give a platform to students with global knowledge. The organization, will also provide support to all students irrational to the condition of students. As of now we are looking ideas/accomplishments of students, if there is any detail which you'd like to provide, please mail to contact. 

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"SAAT" is a sat club for students all around the globe. We all have been in situation, where we think “is there any better way of doing this question” while doing sat questions. The reason for this posture, is not having a versatile perspective. Sat Club group discussion will help you have different angles to questions, it will improve our set of cognitive ability with daily discussions. There will be one hour of discussion meeting every day and in those different set of questions will be presented according to the subject. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the group will have Math discussion and on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday the group will have Reading and Writing discussion.