Mudit Jha

16-year-old Indian student studying in the US. Founder of Dreamers Abyss- An Online Platform that creates creative and impactful articles weekly to inspire brighter student life with passion, curiosity, and self-development. 

Mudit Jha Remote (Worldwide)
- Dreamers Abyss is a global content-driven platform for students, the first of its kind. - Our team publishes articles every week on three broad themes: Self-Development, Trending & Analytical. - We have garnered approximately 7+ page views  since we started 3 months ago. - Our team has decided to expand itself to reach a wider audience and get more consistent with content. - So, at the moment we are looking for article writers who can cook up 1 article/week or bi-weekly, aimed specifically at students on one of our three broad themes.  Website: