Amber Lin

  • United States
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Hello! My name is Amber, and I am starting a virtual graphic design club. Before I go on to describe this new club, let me introduce myself to you! I am currently (at the start of this project) a freshman in high school. My school has a graphic design club, however I am not able to attend that club as there is another club that has the same meeting times. This broke my heart as graphic design has always been a huge passion of mine, and I have engaged in a lot of other projects that have required me to expand my design skills. Therefore, I am going to take action on this issue and create a club myself. Obviously, creating a club in school is not going to be possible, since there is already a graphic design club. And I can not expect my school club to change its meeting time because of me. So, I am planning to gather a bunch of graphic design weebs and create a strong and passionate community! The platform that I use in Canva, just because it is an easy tool to gather groups...