I am involved in 2 major STEM projects: ISS and Sciencious

About International Space Society (ISS)

We are a society consisting of international chapters in schools across the globe. Our 2 main aims are to spread the passion of space sciences and provide accessible, relevant educational resources and organise major events to increase the youth's knowledge of space. It's made to share ideas, build connections and learn.

About the UK branch of sciencious.co.

We are a non-profit organisation focused on bringing STEM education to underpriveleged students across the country, providing them with resources and new opportunities. Our work includes developing educational programs, planning activities and competitions and then partnering with rural schools to implement our tutoring for their students. 

Tanya K Remote (UK)
Sciencious ( https://sciencious.com ) is a non-profit international organisation and our mission is to bring educational resources to underpriveleged children.  The UK branch of Sciencious is currently looking for volunteer tutors to help us spread the knowledge and passion. As a tutor, your main duties will include: 1)Working with other tutors to plan lessons, online courses, competitions and other activities 2)Giving lessons online (and in-person if UK resident) This opportunity will help you develop skills like public speaking, will expand your knowldge in your area of interest and give you a chance to show leadership in your team of tutors - all while doing community service! Moreover, if you stick with us for 2+ months, you will receive a certificate confirming your impact as a voluntary participant.

Tanya K Remote (worldwide)
If you're interested in space, whether that be astronomy, rocket science or astrophysics, and want to engage in a leadership opportunity - we are the right fit for you. ISS is an international society which connects schools from across the globe in order to serve our 2 main missions: 1) make more young people interested in space sciences 2) provide accessible learning resources and organise educational events to raise the level of knowledge about space sciences We are currently offering the role of "International Director" for students worldwide. As an International Director, you will establish an ISS chapter at your school and work with the main ISS block in order to promote the society and its activities, recruit students from your school, and help organise regular club activity sessions, as well as major events.  By taking part in this opportunity, you'll be able to combine your passion with a leadership role, while doing community service.