Girl Gone Global Communications

This internship is for all aged students and levels of school for those interested in PR, Media, Journalism, Writing, Entrepreneurship, Media-Tech, and to a lesser degree performing in the entertainment industry. Intern must meet at least three of these requirements: Expertise in Social Media, Community Management (Facebook), Portrait Photography, Accounts Management, Invoicing, Word Press, Mail Chimp (or similar software), Web Design, Web Development, Canva and or Adobe Illustrator, Software Design and Development, Administrative Assistance, Executive Management, Data Entry, Editing, Copywriting, and Organization.
Must be coachable, tech-savvy, punctual, highly organized, solution-oriented, and able to observe strict deadlines.
Attention to detail is necessary, as is communication (part of the internship.)
This is an administrative position with exposure to the business of writing, how to publish, be published, how to be a travel writer/influencer, maintain and obtain contacts, and more. Our contacts list/database is available with confidentiality agreements. This is a traditional mentor-protege internship with mentorship in writing, pitching, the business of writing, PR and communications, contacts, introductions, and networking, and your work can be edited and workshopped with suggested publication parties if you chose. This position is remote with set hours at flexible times with reasonable daily responsivity and deadlines. There are optional and occasional meetings in Downtown Boulder, Colorado. Business and STEM background students encouraged to apply for the media-tech startup aspect within the internship. Credit is available for this internship. Can start immediately, and can continue internship into the next semester, if desired. We follow the Department of Labor guidelines for a successful internship:
Learning Objectives for Students:
The Business of Writing
How to Write and Publish Travel Pieces, Books, Articles, Essays, and more (non-fiction only.)
How to Write a Press Release and more.
Internship can be for credit or not for credit.
References required.
Testimonials: “This internship really gave me insight into what I am passionate about, and now I have the skills to further both my writing and media career! While I am a journalism major and interested in getting published in lifestyle publications, this internship required a lot of PR skills and helped me realize I want to explore that path as well. The best part about this internship was gaining insider knowledge and connections in the media world. Alyssa has been amazing to work with and is an incredibly successful woman that I look up to, I am incredibly lucky to have worked under her mentorship, learning not only career skills but life skills that have made me realized my potential and inspired me to work harder than ever before. This has been the perfect communications internship to help me launch my career and has prepared me for a future that is hopefully as successful and exciting as Alyssa’s!"
-Paulina C. is a journalism major with a double minor in political science and women studies with an International Media Certificate. She recently graduated this summer from the University of Colorado, Boulder after receiving her last 3 credits through the Girl Gone Global Internship. Her dream job is to work with an accredited travel PR company, and with the help of Alyssa she has gained the skills and contacts to make her dream a reality. While working with Girl Gone Global she has gained many professional skills such as email campaign marketing, editing and copywriting, pitching to outlets, managing social media campaigns, and graphic design.
Alyssa’s mentorship, coaching, and writing expertise has pushed me to new heights in my writing career. I now have a vast knowledge of marketing, graphic design, publishing, PR, and everything in between. I cannot begin to thank her for everything she has taught me and I highly recommend her internship opportunity for any individual looking for their big break in writing. Thank you for everything! --Olivia L., CMCI
“Alyssa taught me a great deal about working in travel writing. Under her guidance, I have been published in Matador Network, Dorsia, and Coldnoon International Journal of Travel Writing. She will teach you the ins and outs of travel writing, which is helpful when trying to break into the business!”-Sarah Osman., Los Angeles; Matador Network, Dorsia and Coldnoon International Journal of Travel Writing.
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