I'm the founder of World Education Criticism Project.

I love to undertake various new challenges and actively interconnect with people from all around the world. The biggest challenge that I faced during the last three years was quitting all academies and private tutors after the pandemic started.

It was really a bold decision for me, because I have always been dependent upon academies to prepare me for school exams; as the majority of Korean students do. I remember studying in the academy until midnight, just memorizing things that were singled out by teachers, which were not applicable in a real world context. Due to Covid-19, I spent more time at home, which enabled me to think about what I am genuinely passionate about and what kind of positive, societal change or impact I want to bring to the world.

I realized that the current school system barely cares about students’ mental health and well-being, and only focuses on obtaining high grades and intensely teaches formulas to memorize; not the contents that could be transferred to diverse fields. These problems made me crave active learning with critical thinking. I learned coding and made a “365happinesss”, mental health caring app and continuously engaged in various student-oriented youth-led initiatives and implemented many campaigns, projects and debates about many topics such as education, environment, and self-confidence.

These experiences lead me to understand diversified people's viewpoints from around the world; the way to apply knowledge that I learned as a means to advance my arguments in an organized way. I'm really proud of myself that I am not afraid to try new and challenging experiences; looking for creative ways to learn and adapt new knowledge to the world.