Girl Up club leader

  • Sydney NSW, Australia

Linzy is a passionate advocate for gender equity and an outstanding girl in STEM. Immersed in an elite girls’ school that highly values gender equity and girls’ development, she was inspired to devote her time and energy to volunteer with feminist organizations, start a club at school and write blogs on feminist-related issues.

Her website called STEMing published a number of articles each month on tropical feminist-related issues, such as the gender gap in the healthcare and issues encountered by women with disability. Hoping to expand her writing team, students who are passionate about writing and publishing are encouraged to join as an author of the STEMing site.

She's loved shifting her mindset and discovering all the possibilities around her. Last year, Linzy founded the Sydney Girl Up club, which is a girl's empowerment club that aims to provide equal opportunities for girls. The club has published a number of articles online and raised awareness within the school community. In the future, Linzy aspires to contribute more to the feminist movement by being more actively involved in events and campaigns.    

Girl Up club leader Sydney NSW, Australia
Sydney Girl Up Club is developed from  a campaign of the United Nations Foundations that aims to provide equal opportunities for girls in developing countries. For students who are passionate in the feminist movement, this is an incredibly exciting occasion for them to work together and create social impacts. Sydney Girl club offers amazing opportunities for students to demonstrate their leadership skills through running their own campaigns, organizing regional or national events and performing leadership roles in the club. Applications for club vice president, event organizer, social media manager, and writers are now open until 10th of September. 
Mar 01, 2019