Nummu Academy

An educational establishment that advocates for incorporating real-life skills in traditional schools while mentoring individuals of all backgrounds and ages to become more well-rounded, and ultimately, more powerful.

Whether you're a middle school student, a graduate, or a retiree.

Take a minute or two to think about your school journey...

What would you change about the system that surrounded you during the most significant turning-points of your life; when your personality started developing and when the foundation of your character was set?

What do you wish you knew, or wish that someone had taught you?

What was the most important lesson you've learned at that time?

Most will not mention a scientific concept or a mathematical equation. Instead, they'd recall an idea; perhaps a piece of advice or a lesson learned the hard way.

"Nummu Academy will help anyone learn about the skills school may never teach them.
It is open to anyone who wants to improve the quality of their life. We have a variety of courses: confidence, financial literacy, time management, and more. They all have one thing in common though: they will break your limiting beliefs, shaping you into a powerful, self-assured individual with big dreams."

On a mission to:

  •  To educate as many individuals as possible about fruitful real-life skills.
  • To promote the compulsory incorporation of mental health and self-development classes in schools.
  •  To reinvent the school system for a brighter future.