This is a volunteering opportunity and a chance to enhance your skills, we have openings for the following departments:

Creatives team

Roles and responsibilities

  1. Create reels
  2. Research about trends in reels
  3. Contribute to our Talk show. 
  4. Come up with engaging stories(posting polls, quizzes, etc.)
  5. Create reels related to teens for our page

Graphic designing team

Roles and responsibilities

  1. Create posts for our page
  2. Decide on theme / create templates
  3. Come up with captions for our posts 
  4. Create posts for teen stories -( one of our activities )

Content writing team

Roles and responsibilities

  1. Work closely with content creation team and project management team
  2. Come up with content for our social media posts ( contribute content to at least 7 posts a month) 
  3. Come up with captions for our posts
  4. Write draft emails for our organization
  5. Plagiarism is not allowed

Executive team

Roles and responsibilities

  1. Ensure smooth working of the organization
  2. Create schedules for the month assigning the task to every department
  3. Work closely with all the department heads
  4. Recruit people for the organization
  5. Manage all the future events

Blog creation team

Roles and responsibilities:

  1. Write blogs for our website 
  2. Write articles on topics related to gen-z
  3. At least submit 5 articles per month
  4. Plagiarism is not allowed




  1. Video-editors
  2. Graphic designer- for thumbnails
  3. Writers- for script writing.

         EDITING TEAM.


  1. Editing all the articles for our media platforms
  2. Final editing our blog posts.