Veshchitskaya Alina

  • Moscow, Russia

Hi! I am Veshchitskaya Alina, a founder of ‘RE-RAISE’, which is a sustainable fashion startup. I am a highly-motivated IB student and my dream is to become a successful entrepreneur.

Our ‘RE-RAISE’ team is looking forward to meeting new members who are passionate about business and design as well. 

Veshchitskaya Alina Remote
Hi! We are RE-RAISE, a sustainable fashion start-up looking for creative individuals to join our team. With our current team of individuals from across continents we are looking to add 3-4 people whom are fond of fashion/design/clothing photography to join our design department. This includes graphic design and fashion design, but we are especially looking for clothing designers, people with experience for 3D modelling and photographers. If you are an applicant, please fill in the google document We look forward to working with perspective clothing designers and photographers! *If successful with your application, we would also like to have an online interview with you to get to know you more before finalizing. Please know we would like you to provide a link or email us some of your previous work at the end of this application.