Altitude High Schools Case Competition (AHSCC) is a non-profit, annual, national level, 100% virtual business competition organisation for secondary school aged students from New Zealand. We offer various low barriers-to-entry business and economics related competitions such as the essay competition, business report writing competition and case competition. 

AHSCC Remote
What is Altitude Highschools Case Competition (AHSCC)? Altitude Highschools Case Competition is a business competition organisation, targeted towards highschool aged students. Currently all of our competitions (essay competition— business and economics, report writing competition, and case competition) are virtual, and hosted annually (except our essay report writing competition, which has thus far been hosted biannually, once at around Apr-May, and again at around Aug-Sept). We are currently looking for individuals—students, adults or anyone with experience—to both join the organising committee, management teams for 2021-2022. We are also looking Student ambassadors—to promote the competitions throughout your respective schools and organisations. We can provide support to help you set up a business club (i.e. case consulting club) at your school if you would like. Judges—ideally tertiary aged or higher Marketing and social media team—includes the management of...
Aug 17, 2021