BIZNESS is an online platform where students from high school or university can join courses or advise them, where they can read about the economy and businesses and demonstrate an opinion or correspondingly write articles expressing their opinion by contributing to our monthly edition. Furthermore, students can keep up with worldwide news about the economy and entrepreneurship or respectively write about them. Lastly, through the projects that we have students can get a life-like experience holding a position in a business or doing a project for a university. BIZNESS' goals are to inspire its audience to achieve their dreams by motivating them through our various products.

Bizness Program worldwide
Requirements: -Limited knowledge/experience of marketing and social media -Leadership skills, since he/she will lead the team -Good communication skills   Duties: -Spends 2-3 hours per week -Often communication with the department members -Comes up with pitches and ideas for marketing campaigns/posts -Expands following and activity on social media platforms -Oversees all social media and marketing -Often communication with the founder of BIZNESS to update them -Schedules meetings with the members for pitches,updates etc