We are a student organized nonprofit event called “Global Student STEM Conferences”. We are an organization with opportunities and events for high school students all over the world to listen to top researchers, professors, and students speak about their research, their subjects, and their careers. We already speakers from all over the world, including CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. We also host debates, competitions and Q&As with older students about STEM topics. You are also welcome to speak about anything Science at our conference!

We hope to inspire more young scientists to go into STEM and STEM research while providing an accessible platform for opportunities, information and engagement with the community. We are excited to extend an invitation to students to join us at our conference, not only as attendees but also to apply to become a distinguished speaker or part of the managing and executive committee. We believe that all students interested in STEM can greatly benefit from this activity, I will be outlining the potential opportunities for them for the following parts of the email and feel free to ask me or visit our website at if you have any questions.

What can I get out of this conference as a student?

  • As an attendee: Attendees can participate in our conference by registering for free here on our website. Upon registering, attendees will be allowed access to the portal which would contain the Zoom meeting link 24 hours before the conference begins. Attendees are able to attend sessions of their choosing that suits their interests and timetables, including talks, debates, and competitions brought to you by top professors, researchers as well as fellow high school students. This is an unique opportunity to experience a global STEM conference for high school students develop interest in STEM, demonstrate interest to universities, as well as meet new people! Sessions include professors, researchers and top students and not only can they learn about the pioneering areas of research, but they can also learn useful concepts in starting STEM projects and research from their own with our distinguished student speakers such as Mr. Mohamed Yalouh, who will be speaking at this year's conference.

  • As a student speaker: Students would be able to apply to speak at our conference (see bottom of this page for contact) and would be able to speak to a global audience alongside our distinguished guest speakers at top universities and institutions! You would be able to speak about anything STEM related, including research, projects, or a STEM idea you are really passionate about! You will be able to demonstrate your interest in STEM and public speaking while inspiring other students, while expanding the impact of your project and research!

To be part of the Organising Committee, please contact us at the email address below for more information. Vacancies listed: Assistant Head of marketing & outreach, Head of STEM tutoring, Head of Technology, Competition problem writer x5, School Ambassadors (1 per school).

Thank you for your time and I look forward to having you at our conference.

Feel free to email me at for more information on opportunities, partnership, and questions about attending.


Nicholas Su