Touch of Life Foundation

Founded in 2016, the  Touch of Life Foundation is a student-led non-profit (501c3) organization with a vision to help rescue and protect underprivileged women and children from exploitation, labor, and trafficking. Our goal is to educate and empower women and children to fight for their rights. We support programs that ensure all children have access to freedom, equal rights, and education.

We are excited to have the opportunity to combine local efforts with global needs. Based in the United States, our transformative Human Rights Movement mobilizes people from all over the world to take action and create a meaningful, lasting impact. At the heart of our work is every child’s right to freedom.

Touch of Life Foundation Remote (Worldwide)
For the first time, Touch of Life is hosting a new self-directed, worldwide virtual volunteer series . This virtual volunteer program grants secondary school and university students the insightful opportunity to discover human trafficking and child labor while working on ways to advocate regarding this dire global crisis, especially its surge throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic. Touch of Life's program includes six informative, visual presentation recordings, each assigned with a mandatory quiz reflecting the knowledge acquired and an assignment of an innovative project . We will also be hosting bi-monthly Spotlight and Q&A webinars for volunteers to engage more in our global community. These webinars will also be an opportunity for high-achieving, exceeding students to present their project to the program community and discuss their perspective in combating trafficking. They will also be featured on all of our 5000+ member media platforms. Touch of Life's...
Jul 27, 2021