Invest Bright

Our Mantra: making financial and business literacy simplified and accessible. 

We focus on simplifying financial and business literacy for young students (middle school level). By educating students through engaging methods such as stock market competitions, or a case study competitions, we provide students with low stakes practice opportunities to be confident in higher-stake situations like high school business competitions or investing real money. Investing in and learning about businesses helps students explore fields like life sciences, tech, and energy while learning integral life skills in the process.

We encourage.

We encourage students to develop core investing and business skills to boost their confidence and future prospects through our fun and engaging programs. We help students manage money responsibly in the toxic environment of market manipulation driven by social media “hype” and a “pump and dump” philosophy. These trends look childish, but we want young students to invest responsibly and understand stock market trends rather than blindly following them.

We build investors.

We help middle school students learn about businesses and finance in the enterprise driven world they live in. This enables their money to work in the stock market for longer, resulting in a greater realized investment at retirement age. Going through our programs, they learn lifelong lessons about investing, growth, leadership, and the long-term benefits of hard work and dedication.