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⚠️⚠️ Read this ⚠️⚠️ Hey there! I am Koushiki Das, from Midgard, and I am gifted with the burden to lead The Loki's Army!! I am a student, a Bookworm and a complete nerd about studying and LOKI AND HELPING PEOPLE. To be in the Army, register here, and do some good work to make our world suitable for our king!! We will do a lot of good work, including fund raising for who need, protesting against hateful work around the world!! We will need a website and domain address. If anyone wants to donate or to develop the website, please contact on the address below. We will show your name everywhere, promise. But don't do this if you have any problems. You are contributing even if you are just reading it. For any queries, please contact - koushiki.das.is.here@gmail.com I do not own Marvel, and it's not associated with Marvel. However, I own this project and who knows, one day we will partner with Marvel studios!!