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This is a society run by high school students for students interested in Space-based fields including Astronautical Engineering, Astrophysics and Astronomy. Through a digital platform, members will gain access to a range of resources in each field, as well as opportunities to collaborate in them.

You can contact us at vemareddymehul@gmail.com or ptkshiteez@gmail.com.

Kshiteez Panigrahi Remote
The Cosmos Society is a new initiative for students interested in space-base fields by high school students. Our members will be able to learn, participate, collaborate, and compete in the three fields of Astrophysics, Astronomy, and Astronautical Engineering.  For these particular teams, we are looking for individuals who are proficient at Social Media advertisement (mainly the Public Relations Team) and graphic and video designs (mainly the Press Team). The Public Relations Team will be expected to manage the organizations social media accounts, as well as advertise upcoming events and landmarks to enthusiasts and followers. The Press Team will be expected to maintain a newsletter and other forms of media about the club for relevance and public connectivity. This would be a great opportunity for artistic individuals looking to grow their extra-curricular portfolios. 
Jul 01, 2021