Project CLAIR

Project CLAIR (Co-operative Language Assistance for Immigrants & Refugees) is an international non-profit that provides private online English tutoring to refugees and immigrants at free of cost. Its tutoring services specialize in matching students with tutors who can speaker their native languages, such as Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, or Farsi, in order to make the language learning process more approachable. Featuring +200 tutors as well as CLAIR Curriculum that has professional ESL resources, Project CLAIR caters the needs of individual students. 

Besides its main tutoring service, Project CLAIR also produces CLAIRSTONE Vocabulary Podcast (released in English, Arabic, and Spanish), which has so far received +5,000 downloads from 82 countries, as well as CLAIR Voices, a platform where we interview professors and immigrant/refugee center representatives to raise awareness of refugee & immigrant issues.