Aarav Joshi

I am Aarav Joshi, founder of the nonprofit ReClothers. The aim of this nonprofit is to take in used clothes, exchange them for money, and donate that money to places in need. Another alternative is to donate the used clothes directly to places in need. The goal is to create an efficient system of donating clothes and helping people in need.

Aarav Joshi Remote
ReClothers is a non-profit organization geared towards giving back to people in need. Since people aren't able to easily donate clothes anymore, we have created a streamlined method to get clothes and money to people in need. We take used clothes from people and either trade them in for cash or donate it directly to different organizations. If you are interested in opening a chapter in your city, we will help you to set everything up and make sure you get the aid required to run it successfully.
Jun 17, 2021