An online international competition for high-schoolers about Business, Economics, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability. As an educative project, we aim to help students learn about important subjects engagingly and help solve real-world problems.

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BEES Competition Remote (Worldwide)
Our mission: Educate students on Business, Economics, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability to help create solutions for modern problems. Why do we do what we do? As students who felt helpless when trying to find opportunities to explore our interests engagingly, we founded the project to solve that problem. The Business, Economics, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability areas are of extreme importance to the issues the world faces today, so by making the younger generation better understand them and their relation to the problems, we can encourage them to find ways to solve them. Who is it for? Anyone in high school or a gap year before official enrollment in college. Why should you compete? To explore your interests, learn about the BEES areas in an engaging way, improve your resumé, and earn prizes (you can earn up to $200 USD)! How does it work? The BEES Competition is a problem-solving team competition and is divided into two phases: qualifiers and finals. For the...
May 28, 2021