Daiana Ashlyayeva

Hi! My name is Daiana and I was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan. For the last couple of years I have travelled a lot independently; studied both in Dubai and Bristol. After taking a gap year, I plan on studying at King's College London for BA International Relations. Travelling has set the foundation for all of my initiatives and endeavours as it had honed my love for global affairs and cultural diplomacy. My desire to further my knowledge in the subject area and connect with people from all over the world to achieve a mutual understanding on various issues, is my main motivator. I aspire to contribute to meaningful change in vital issues around the world, while empowering the next generation of future leaders!

Besides International Relations, I am intensely passionate about ballet, filmmaking, entrepreneurship, and social work, which have accompanied me throughout my life. - So feel free to contact me to discuss any of these topics or various opportunities to cooperate on projects! 

Daiana Ashlyayeva Remote ("Worldwide")
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Jul 27, 2021