The Gift of Learning

The Gift of Learning is an international, student-led organization working towards enhancing educational opportunities for minority and underprivileged students struggling in classes from first to tenth grade globally. We believe in providing every student the latest resources and knowledge they need to succeed in their academics at no cost. 

In our efforts to keep our services free, we run on a fully voluntary basis. We rely on qualified students in secondary school to willingly offer their time towards our cause. Due to current situation of the Covid-19 Pandemic, tutoring is done completely online. Sessions is usually done over Zoom or WebEx. Tutors have one hour sessions with their students on a weekly basis. To ensure the  maximum efficiency, these session continue for at least four weeks and longer if both the student and tutor wish to continue. 

Other volunteer opportunities besides registering as a tutee or becoming a tutor teaching a wide array of subjects, from dance to calculus, while receiving service hours and certificates is creating educational videos and participating in our monthly webinars, from demystifying college admissions to learning interested career paths by professionals. 

More volunteer opportunities and projects are coming ahead. Become an engaging member in the Gift of Learning and join our community of 1000+ tutors and tutees today!