• United Arab Emirates
Georgiy Remote (Worldwide)
Hello, my name is Georgiy and I am 15 years old. I was born and raised in Kazakhstan, however, in 2016 I moved to Dubai and live here since then. I am interested in computer science, which is why it’s a subject I would like to major in. At the moment I know 3 programming languages: JavaScript, Python, and HTML. I’m looking for students all around the globe in order to assemble a team and make different projects together. The goal is to make many quality projects together and create a good working team. Am I only looking for programmers/coders? No, art designers, user-interface designers, and game/program testers would also be important. Do I need to know how to do graphic design before applying? Yes,  it would be ideal for you to know how to draw objects or create a user interface before applying. How does this work? We work as a team, programmers program and request some objects or user interface buttons from designers and designers draw them for programmers. Then...