Romans Twelve Ten

Welcome to Romans 12:10! During the pandemic, we've realized that the elderly amongst many other groups are largely affected and experiencing feelings of loneliness, and grief. Through this organization, volunteers can be paired up with seniors in elderly homes, or anyone who is in need of some extra love. Volunteers will be able to send physical letters or emails based on the indicated preferences. It would be amazing if you'd join us! Click the link to our website ( to join us! We're looking forward to meeting you!

Romans Twelve Ten Remote
Hello and Welcome!  As a volunteer, you'll be paired with a senior or anyone else who is in need of some love. Based on your preferences of writing & sending physical letters versus emails, we'll arrange the rest of the information and you'll be able to start communicating with someone. Give back to the community by sending cheerful letters to people around the world! Join us at:  
Mar 27, 2021