reBooked is a high-school student run non-profit social enterprise based in Hong Kong looking to expand. Our mission is to promote sustainability in literacy through book collection, an online shop, and book donations. 

reBooked Worldwide
ReBooked ( ) is a student-led, Hong Kong based social enterprise.   It is a platform that promotes sustainability in literacy by providing a free and convenient way for books to be donated, as well as a bookshop (both online and offline) for families to be able to access these donated books. Since its launch in August 2019, ReBooked has collected over 40,000 books, sold over 15,000 and donated over 10,000 books to other NGOs and community partners.  In just over a year, ReBooked has become Hong Kong’s biggest bookshop for preloved children’s books.  Last month (April 2021), reBooked opened its first brick-and-mortar store in Hong Kong, occupying a 600 sq ft shop space in the city’s commercial district.  With your involvement, reBooked has the ability to go global - be part of a movement that promotes sustainability in literacy!  We want to collaborate with you to enable ReBooked to serve your local...
Apr 27, 2021