Teen-Aged Youth Organisation

The Teen-Aged Youth Organisation was initiated when the coronavirus pandemic was raging in Melbourne. Aged care residents cannot meet their family nor be able to enjoy the accompaniment of volunteers. As a member of the Melbourne Greater Community, I hope to do something for the age care residents, so I founded the Teen-Aged Program that aims to develop a cross-generation bond between the age care residents and teenagers as well as a way for young adults to give back to the community. Little performances, conversations and companionship mean a lot to the residents as they barely see young children and have the chance to talk to them. While showing love to the residents, you will have the opportunity to host the session with the elderly, develop your communication, organization and leadership skills, and enhance self-confidence. So come and join our trip of love and actively participate in this extraordinary volunteering event!

In this program, you’ll have numerous leadership opportunities and will strengthen your communicational skills and boost your confidence and show love to the residents.

We look for teenagers with compassion and musical talents if possible (not a requirement to join).

Teen-Aged Youth Organisation Remote (Skiatook, OK, USA)
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