OpportuniTeens is a database of internships, volunteering events and other programs compiled by highschool students in the United States. It focuses on several career fields such as STEM, Healthcare, and Civil Services. A "for teens by teens" website that provides students with opportunities to explore career fields. In pursuing these opportunities, students will find out what interests them and what they want to become.

Opportuniteens WorldWide (Online)
The 2021 March 13-14 Resume + LinkedIn Workshop brings together some of the finest skills you need to start on your job search! The online workshop sessions will be split into two parts, Resume Workshop + LinkedIn Workshop. On Saturday March 13th 4 - 6pm EST, we will have a guest speaker presenting about how to craft an ideal resume!  On Sunday March 14th 4 - 6pm EST, we will have a guest speaker presenting about LinkedIn and how to optimize your profile.  Some topics include: - Understanding the power of LinkedIn - Learning how to craft an effective resume - What to include in your LinkedIn profile (and what to leave out!) - What to include in a resume that will get you hired! We ask for phone numbers to let you know if there are any last-minute changes due to tech issues! OpportuniTeens (@opportuni_teens) aims to provide teens with information regarding internships, college readiness programs, and other opportunities. These various...
Mar 03, 2021