OpportuniTeens is a database of internships, volunteering events and other programs compiled by highschool students in the United States. It focuses on several career fields such as STEM, Healthcare, and Civil Services. A "for teens by teens" website that provides students with opportunities to explore career fields. In pursuing these opportunities, students will find out what interests them and what they want to become.

Opportuniteens Remote (Worlwide (Online))
The 2021 October 24th College Admissions as a POC Panel brings together some of the most helpful advice POC students can receive! The online panel will be split into three parts, a presenation from a former admissions officer on tips on how to get into your dream university, a student panel from current POC students as well as a final free and interactive Q&A session, where they will be answering your most urgent questions! On Sunday 24th October 1-2pm EDT, we will host our online panel via zoom Some topics include: - Lecture and Q&A session with panelists of event - Student life and experiences as a POC student applying to university - Going through the general admissions process as well - Tips on writing admissions related materials + general advices! We ask for phone numbers to let you know if there are any last-minute changes due to tech issues! OpportuniTeens (@opportuni_teens) aims to provide teens with information regarding internships, college...
Oct 12, 2021