Jenna Jokhani

My name is Jenna Jokhani, I am a high school student currently studying at International School Bangkok in Thailand. I am a junior and have passions in law, politics, and dance. I have a variety of extracurriculars such as dance, model united nations, forensics, junior special olympics and more. One of my proudest extracurriculars would be my website which is a law website run by highschool students around the world that publishes articles on different legal topics in hopes to inform the younger generation in an interesting and understandable manner. Overall I am someone who is very invested in what they do and is always welcome to bring other people into projects that I am working on and lend a helping hand to people who need it.

Jenna Jokhani Austin, TX, USA
Law Insider is a legal website that publishes articles on legal topics happening in the world today and reports on legal current events around the world. All the articles are written by high school students and reviewed and edited by a talented board of International School Students all around the world This website serves to provide students with an opportunity to share their work as well as develop more knowledge about the world today on an array of topical legal issues. Not only that but it opens a new door to a different demographic, informing high school students all around the world about these issues and allows them to read short articles written by individuals their own age that can inspire them to not only be interested in law but take a stance against current world issues.  The website covers many different purposes, the main focus will be on the publishing of articles, but there will be a student spotlight tab, highlighting work that different students have done...