Sciencious Team

Sciencious is an international non-profit organisation with members predominantly from Australia. Our goal is to expand the love of STEM in youth by giving high school students helpful resources and the platform to upload their own articles. Our organisation plans to organise various science competitions and webinars, as well as producing monthly podcast targeted towards high school students.  

Sciencious Team Remote (Worldwide)
Sciencious is an international, non-profit organisation that plans bring STEM to the youth who lack resources by: (1) providing a dedicating publishing platform for students to publish their own scientific article (, (2) publishing our monthly digital magazine, (3) organising monthly webinars where students can acquire valuable experiences from renowned people within the STEM field, (4) publishing a weekly podcast where we interview scientists, teachers and successful students, (5) tutoring students with financial difficulties.   VOLUNTEER POSITIONS SIGN UP LINK:   VOLUNTEER POSITIONS: 1. STEM Tutor - Tutor students online 2. Author - Interested in writing scientific reports. - Can publish regularly, at least once or twice a month. 3. Educational Content Creator - Create worksheets for tutoring lessons. 4. Education...
Jan 06, 2021