Sciencious Team

Sciencious is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation. Our goal is to bring STEM resources to underprivileged and under-resourced students. 

Sciencious Team Remote
Responsibilities of an Educational Content Creator entail: Creating weekly posts (at least 2) about STEM facts and quizzes to upload on Sciencious social media Creating at least one simple scientific experiment video at home to upload on Sciencious youtube monthly. Refer to our previous videos created on Canva here:  Actively communicating with the Director of Social Media for posts and videos' ideas

Sciencious Team Remote
As a Podcast Director, you will be in charge of: -Recruiting and managing a team of podcast hosts, outreach members, and recording/video editors. -Planning for the publication of episodes monthly -Managing Sciencious podcast accounts on Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Spotify, RSS, etc. -Managing Sciencious' podcast Instagram to regularly update on episode publications.  -Minimum of 2 podcast episodes uploaded per month interviewing professors/researchers about interesting STEM topics of their fields.

Sciencious Team City/State/Country of the chapter president
A chapter president will be promoting and expanding Sciencious' events and programs, conducting in-person meetings with local members and audiences, creating the chapter's social media platforms to broaden Sciencious' network and connections, and initiating activities for the target audience on a smaller scale. 

Sciencious Team Remote
Roles of an Educational Content Creator entail: Create interesting scientific experiments or science concepts' explanation videos to be uploaded on Sciencious social media platforms and Youtube every fortnight Create STEM quizzes and facts to post on Sciencious social media platforms every week Working with other like-minded individuals and the Director of Education to assist at Sciencious Events