Grise for Aphasia is an organization that recognizes the lack of knowledge and attention regarding aphasia - a disorder caused by neurological damage that affects speech production.

We aim to support those with aphasia through various projects, such as producing tailored videos for aphasia patients in partnership with industry-leading experts and aphasia organizations, all while addressing the lack of social interaction in the aphasia population by hosting friendly events/calls with those with aphasia. As a baseline, we will raise awareness for aphasia (through workshops, providing opportunities to get involved in the aphasia and STEM communities, etc.).

Leadership Opportunity: We are currently building our Executive Team that will be working closely to play a major role in developing Grise for Aphasia.

Interested? Proceeding steps:

  • Email
    • Introduce yourself, why you are interested in becoming a leader for Grise, amount of time that you can contribute, skills/experience, any knowledge you have of aphasia.
    • Résumé/CV: Optional, but encouraged
  • Fill out this brief leadership application (the responsibilities of executive team members still roughly apply)
    • Can submit this after email reply, but also encouraged to complete beforehand.