Yuvansh Dua Remote (Worldwide)
GRAPHIC DESIGNERS, CONTENT WRITERS, GENERAL SECRETARY, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATE, AND MORE Sick of being uninspired all day long?  Is Netflix the only thing that keeps you hooked? Do you want to grease your mind? If you shook your brain in agreement at even one of it, I think we have an opportunity for you! A few things will be rewarded for you to reactivate your neurons. - How does a certificate,a Letter Of Recommendation Oh, and, this is big, an opportunity to work with our corporate partners, various brands and businesses as well The cherry on top, your work will be featured on our website and social media platforms. How great is that ! So come aboard, be a part of our community, a safe space, where innovation takes flight with the most vibrant colours you can imagine. Awaiting your response!
Sep 30, 2020