Suhh Yeon Kim

President and Chief Editor of Our Knowledge For Everyone

Suhh Yeon Kim Remote
Our Knowledge For Everyone is an organization established to create a free, publicly accessible knowledge center to understand, discuss, and publish contemporary and historical issues that affect women, people of color, and other historically silenced minorities. We aim to foster comprehensive scholarship in philosophy, history, and the social sciences accessible to everyone- and most importantly bring the often unheard and voiceless minorities by bringing them to the forefront of mainstream media.  The goal is to help others such as young underserved children become interested in philosophy and other areas in the humanities, and gain exposure to it. Our website and workshops educate people about different philosophes and their teachings in an easy and fun way to understand, and we host events where younger students can sign up to student-lead workshops teaching about a specific topic or skill. You can lead discussions, workshops, write and edit research articles, create...