Khoa Tran

Khoa is currently a student at New York University Abu Dhabi with a full-ride scholarship. Since 2017, Khoa has started two social impactventures in Vietnam and lead several human rights and Sustainable DevelopmentGoals (SDG)’ programs. Until now, he has shared his knowledge on SGD with over20 heads of states and ministers across five continents in variousinternational summits and conferences. As a Crimson Mentor, his students wereadmitted to Stanford University, Princeton University (Full-ride), DukeUniversity, and UChicago. 100% of his students are currently studying at theirReach Schools. Before coming to Crimson Education, he provided pro bonoconsultants for young social leaders in Vietnam to study at MelbourneUniversity, Monash University, University of Toronto, UBC, Notre Dame, UCL, NewYork University,… He writes research papers on national law, politics,education, and religious culture in his free time. As the first author, hisarticles have been published in SCOPUS-WOS journals, such as Religions (ISSN2077-1444) and Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues (1544-0036).

Khoa Tran Dubai - United Arab Emirates
For high school level students, we offer job shadowing. The program runs for a full working week (Sunday to Thursday) for 4 to 5 hours a day at the clinic. This involves opportunities to meet with clinicians, learning about testing, and gaining exposure to other psychology research and skills. We are hoping to conduct the next job shadowing programs during half-term breaks (Fall 2021). The LightHouse Arabia (TLH) is a leading center for wellbeing in Dubai, UAE that provides outpatient mental health services. We offer the full range of psychology and psychiatry services for children, adolescents, and adults, as well as coaching and assessment services for corporations.

Khoa Tran Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Human Relations Institute and Clinics (HRI&C) offers volunteering in a Psychology  position during Summer 2022. The more information about the firm is here: The firm is offering psychology and human resources professional services in the Middle East & North Africa to people and organizations. Our mission is to set a standard for positive communication, develop better understanding and foster mutual cooperation among people, and to serve all ages and nationalities with state of the art assessment, diagnosis and follow up procedures enriching people's lives in all individual, family and corporate aspects. Our services include Clinical, Forensic, Educational, Cross-Cultural, Domestic, Industrial Psychology, and liaise with medical facilities, Employee Advisory Program (EAP), and other related programs world-wide. HRI&C provides comprehensive and cost worthy state-of-the-art human resources management that targets all phases of employment, from assessment...

Khoa Tran United Arab Emirates
Please answer the following questions for the DIAMUN 2022 STOFF application. Thank you for showing interest in the DIAMUN 2022 STOFF Position! The theme for this year is: Revitalising international cooperation to foster development into new frontiers Please read the following requirements: 1. Answer all the following questions to the best of your ability. Consider these answers to be your letter of motivation, or even an initial interview. Respond to the questions with as much detail as you can provide. 2. Upload a CV/Resume. Add all MUN related activities on this, with as much detail as you can, as well as any normal extracurriculars, achievements, and skills you have. 3. A letter of recommendation from your MUN Director (Not necessary for DIA EH students). If you have any issues, please contact: Siddhant Tandon - SG: Harsha Bharadwaj - PGA: Yasmine Maayah - DSG: