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Are you interested in STEM and social entrepreneurship? Indeed, this is what you're looking for! Overview : ​The Intellectuals' Corner resolutely​ believes that through opportunities brought to a teen, he or she can change their life. It is an online initiative that features information about STEM-related subjects (Cryptography, Machine Learning, Mechanical Engineering, Physics)  to anyone who desires to learn. Through our team of highly experienced students, we reach out to schools in mostly 3rd world countries and recruit teen inventors and innovators who show promise in their academics and thoughts to start projects related to innovation. We also host scholarships to those of exceptional efforts or a desire for financial support. What problem are you committed to solving? What project are you proposing? How could your project elevate humanity? - Unavailable ​empowerment to innovators in 3rd world countries - The Intellectuals Corner - A source...
May 07, 2021